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Debt Assumption

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How does it work?

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You legally assign each open account to us.
We take over all communications with collectors.
We offer your collectors a change of terms from the original agreements to terms far more favorable to you.
Once accepted and in place, we make the payments under the new agreement and you have no more direct contact with the creditors.
All bills, statements, letters , and inquiries are sent to our office.
A phone module is created for you, forwarding all collection calls to an attorney answering service which records them and keeps a record in case a collector violation occurs. Relieving you of those stressful calls!
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Acceptance of the new terms and change of address to begin the process usually accomplished within 90 days of enrollment complete process for maximum effectiveness takes from 12 - 36 months.
When the time comes, we will provide a professional credit restoration company to work on the items included in your case.
We are so confident of the program we offer a 100% month back service guarantee.

100% Money Back Service Guarantee

In the event that the DAN proprietary methods are unable to establish a basis for resolution on a qualified debtor account within 90 days of enrollment, DAN shall refund to debtor on a percentage basis, that portion of the enrollment fee and administration fee that said account comprises of the total basic enrollment package, together with a rescission of NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT for that account. DAN will continue to provide its expertise in handling third party debt collection assistance for a period of three years, at no additional fee.

  1. Although handled differently than your accounts which are still with the original creditor, the results are the same (see guarantee).
  2. Ask your counselor for the complete 100% Money Back Service Guarantee disclosure.

Types of Accounts

  • Bank issued loans
  • Open or closed accounts at least 6 months old, still with original creditor, current or in default.
  • All accounts in collections, whether by original creditor or new creditor.
  • Closed accounts with original creditor
  • Accounts sold to a third party collection company
  • DAN's 12 year track record... zero client judgments, and zero settlements to date
Calculating Costs

Costs & Program Fees

  • Consumer Cost is 45% of the enrolled debt (ask you counselor about which program is right for you)
  • Consumers may choose to make payments over 12-36 months
  • Upfront costs:  non-refundable $250 plus $100 per enrolled account database setup fee
  • Monthly program fee will include a $59.99 account maintenance fee for 36 months.


Contract Agreement

Program Parameters

  • Individual account minimum $1,000.
  • Individual account maximum $12,500.
  • Aggregate amount enrolled minimum $15,000.
  • Aggregate amount enrolled maximum $500,000.

Note: All monthly payments are for previous months services, and contract is month to month and may be discontinued at any time. Details in enrollment contract.

In-Eligible Types of Accounts

Secured debts (house, car), deficiencies caused by repossession of real property, HOA dues, business bank loans approved using EIN #, credit union accounts, pay day loans, cash loans, title loans, federally backed student loans, any kind of taxes.

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