Is the program legal?

Yes! The methods and expertise used on behalf of the debtors has been used successfully for many years to render debts owed to banks legally uncollectible.

What are the consequences of not paying debts?

If you stop paying your creditors, you are in breach of contract and creditors have the right to try and collect from you.  They will call and harass you and demand payment. They can hire collectors or lawyers to sue you.  If they sue and win the case against you, they can garnish your wages, put a lien on real estate, and attach your bank accounts etc. In addition, your credit rating will be affected for many years.  By enrolling in the DAN Program, debts are rendered uncollectible.  At a prescribed time, DAN will notify you that your program is substantially complete, and it will ben be time to engage a credit restoration specialist.  DAN will recommend the best in the business to you.

How is this program different?

Using a hybrid of laws put in place to protect consumers and Power of Attorney for all  accounts enrolled, the Debt Assistance Network uses its many years of expertise to achieve their goal of rendering the debt uncollectible.  While it may be possible that the creditor sends a 1099 for the debt rendered uncollectible, this would be a breach of your rights.  There are several potential government tax forms which may qualify you to not pay taxes on the uncollectible debt. (See f982)

How effective is your program?

Our program is very effective and has been used over the years to save thousands of consumers millions of dollars. Using proprietary methods and expertise, DAN holds creditors and collectors to obey the law of contract.

Is the program bulletproof?

No.  As effective as this program is, nothing is “bulletproof”.  As you know, the damage has been done, and now the goal is to minimize the cost of the damage to you while reducing the chances of successful law suits to near zero.  It took several years for you to accumulate these debts and it will take a little while to get rid of them.  DAN has a goal of keeping as much money in your pocket as possible, even though you're facing these problems.  DAN takes a great deal of stress away by taking over the calls from creditors and collectors, thus eliminating that type of harassment.  The DAN process usually takes about 6-12 months until most of the benefits have been achieved, but will continue at least through the length of time you choose to make payments.

Can I be sued?

No one can guarantee that someone can’t or won't be sued, the goal is through DAN’s expertise, reduce the chances of being sued to near zero. Our expertise is designed for maximum discouragement of creditors to file lawsuits.  In addition, should such a thing occur, DAN provides a local attorney to handle this for you, at no charge except for any court costs that may arise.

How long have you been doing this?

The DAN proprietary methods and expertise have been developed, tested and successfully applied for many years. The staff has many years of experience in debt collection, mediation and debt resolution negotiations.

Is it too good to be true?

If you have a rich uncle or parents that are willing to take over the liability of your financial problems, then you don’t need our program, let them pay the creditors. The DAN program is for those that don’t have that advantage.